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competitor information


"Micro Cut" suits are NOT allowed to be worn onstage at any NPC event. This rule applies to all suits for all divisions. All suits must be seen as "appropriate" for the stage and stage photos. If you have questions about your suit, email

» Entry Fees?

Each class has a registration fee of $125 per class until the entry deadline which is Sunday June 23. Late registration fees increase to $225 for the first class, and $125 for any additional classes if registered late. This is due to the planning stages for awards, goody bags, t-shirts, etc. There are no refunds on entry fees.

» When is competitor check-in and do I need to attend?
NPC Oregon Open Competitor Check-Ins will be held on Friday, June 28, 2024 from 6pm to 8pm at the Salem Convention Center for both the Open and Natural athletes. We will also have another checkin for the Natural starting at 1pm to 2pm on Saturday after Prejudging for Natural Athletes.


Everyone must attend competitor check-in, this is where you will be entered into your correct division based on your height and/or weight. You can also purchase photography packages and your NPC card. You cannot compete without your NPC card. There is no late check-in, so you must be at the Friday evening check-ins to be entered into the competition.

» Where can I get an NPC card?
If you have not yet purchased an NPC card, you can purchase it online at The fee is $150 and we highly recommend you do it before check-ins and save a picture of your card on your phone .You will need your NPC card to compete at the Oregon Open, and other shows throughout the entire year. If you purchased your card at another competition, be sure to bring the yellow receipt you received as your proof of purchase.

» Where is the competitor meeting and what’s it all about?
Competitor meeting will be on Friday evening from 8:15pm to 8:30pm after Check-Ins are over in the venue for all athletes. We strongly encourage everyone to login and watch, as we will be covering important show information, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and meet your head judge. We will also go over introductions at the finals, when you need to be backstage, and NPC rules. At this time, the meeting is for competitors and trainers with trainer passes only. We will post more details about the meeting as the show gets closer.

There will also be a 15 minute athlete meeting on Saturday June 29 at 2:15pm for NPC Oregon Natural Athletes.

» Drug Testing and times?
EVERY NPC OREGON NATURAL ATHLETE will be drug tested via polygraph. All Overall winners will also be drug testing via urinalysis after they win their Overall title. If any athlete fails a drug test, they will be disqualified from the event and any other NPC event via our Drug Testing rules which you can read here. There are no refunds on entries or tickets if any athlete fails a drug test.

We will have a final list of times for drug testing which takes place on Saturday after the online registration closes.

» Can I send in my routine music or do I need to bring it with me?
You must email your music in MP3 format to and include your name and division. We can no longer take CD's because most computers do not take them anymore. Please also specify if you want your music to start on or off stage. Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Classic Physique routines should be no longer than 60 seconds and up to two minutes for Fitness. Please keep your routine respectful, and do not use music with profanity or obscene language and must be radio edits. Your promoters reserve the right to refuse music not meeting these standards.

» Where can I find photos of myself after the show?
Mark Mason Media will be offering both stage photos and video packages at competitor check-in. You can email him directly at if you have specific questions. No other photos can be taken and sold. Your family is allowed to take photos of you only, but they are not allowed past the first row in the auditorium.

» Where will Center Stage Tan be giving us our fabulous competition tans?
Center Stage Tan is the official TANNING, HAIR, and MAKEUP company of The Oregon Open. Center Stage Tan's professional licensed estheticians will be onsite to help you with all of your presentation needs. Center Stage Tan has a team of highly trained artists who use specially formulated products for the stage and our lighting!

Use what the Pros choose! We highly recommend Center Stage Tan as they offer professional service and the perfect tan! To contact them directly, visit and click on the "BOOK NOW" or contact Kim Bell at 503-267-8280. Kim advises to start early with your skin prep for the most flawless, darkest tan possible! See their website under the competitors tab for skin prep instructions. Please “like” the Center Stage Tan on Facebook page for more tips and information.

» How will you introduce me at the finals?
Bodybuilders and Women’s Physique will be introduced as they come out for their routine. Figure, Bikini, and Men’s Physique competitors will be doing something different than the “clothes-hanger” that you see at most shows. Instead, our competitor introductions will be similar to the pro league. You’ll hit one pose at the back of the stage, two more at the front, and then exit the stage to the right (your right). Please hold each pose for only 2-3 seconds. We posted a diagram of the stage for you to review on Facebook, and we’ll also be going over this again at our competitor meeting.

» Where am I competing again?
The 2024 NPC Oregon Open will be located at the Salem Convention in Salem, Oregon. The venue is attached the Grand Hotel.

» How many people are in my class?
We are not providing a competitor list to athletes due to last minute registrations and changing of classes. You can however ask during the check-in how many are in your class.

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